The national phrase of Costa Rica is pura vida. It means “pure life.” It’s a greeting, a slogan, and the national philosophy. Costa Rica is the happiest nation in the world and pura vida guides every action of its citizens. These are people who love their land, their animals, and each other, and they’re thrilled to share the beauty and comfort of their nation with visitors.

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Fast Friends & Fresh Food

It’s a bit of a cliche to say that people in Costa Rica are nice, but they are. There’s a friendliness, and furthermore, a respect that permeates this culture and makes it paramount to treat guests to the nation with utmost courtesy. You’ll make fast friends here, whether it’s a villager you meet while trekking through the mainland or a fellow beachgoer a few metres down the sand. You’ll also have a lot to do alongside other people, not least of which is dance, since Costa Ricans love to dance. The food is also great and incredibly fresh. The nation has a bounty of fresh seafood from the coasts and locally farmed produce and meat from the mainland. Whether you’re eating deconstructed tamales in a trendy restaurant in San Jose or feasting on humble gallo pinto in a soda (family restaurant) in a small town near one of the parks, expect satisfying food made with fresh ingredients.

Beach Life

If you don’t cap off a vacation to Costa Rica with a few days at the beach, you’re not doing it right. There’s certainly no shortage of beaches. With two coasts and dozens of national parks, Costa Rica offers you a lot of options for relaxation. If you’re sticking close to San Jose, head to Jaco Beach to enjoy the Miami-lite vibe and well-developed infrastructure just off the wide beach. Spend a few days at a laidback spot on the Pacific like Playa Carrillo or Samara Beach, both near the Nicoya Peninsula, and enjoy the calm waters. Join the trendsetters at Dominical Beach or really get out there and stay at Montezuma Beach, where you’ll likely have the place to yourself. No matter where you go, you’ll find warm sands, blue waters, and plenty of life to discover beneath the waves.

History in San Jose

San Jose will mostly serve as your gateway to the national parks and beaches of the nation, but don’t sleep on its appeal, especially if you have a taste for history. Costa Rica might not boast Aztec or Maya temples like some of its neighbours, but there’s a fascinating history worth discovering in the capital. The main museums like the National Museum of Costa Rica, the Museum of Costa Rican Art, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, and the Jade Museum trace the nation’s history through historical artifacts and prized works of arts, such as jade sculptures from over 2,000 years ago. The Teatro Nacional is arguably the most celebrated building in the country. Built at the turn of the 20th century, this theatre marvels on the outside with its neoclassical design, but it’s the inside that’s the showstopper: not only the marble lobby, but the golden symphony hall where you’ll find world-class performances of orchestral classics.

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