Costa Rica is a biodiverse paradise. This nation lies at the meeting point of both northern and southern migration routes, meaning it abounds with birds, mammals, and reptiles. The landscape shifts rapidly throughout the nation from volcanoes to cloud forests to sandy beaches. All that diversity leads to a near certain chance that travellers will encounter incredible animals on a trip to Costa Rica.

The type of encounter and the type of animal all depends on the traveller. Costa Rica caters to all interests. Birdwatchers can search for rare species in cloud forests, butterfly lovers can gasp at the elegant sapphire wings of the blue morpho, and everyone can enjoy the sight of a sleepy sloth yawning from a cecropia tree.

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Slow Superstars

The mammals of Costa Rica steal the show, especially the sloth. They come in both the two and three-toed variety and serve as the slow and smiley icon of the nation. You can spot them in the trees all throughout the country, whether Manuel Antonio National Park along the Pacific coast or in the popular highlands of Arenal. The nation’s monkeys are equally lovable: auburn squirrel monkeys racing along branches; spider monkeys hanging from their seemingly-endless tails; capuchins watching your every move hoping for a snack to fall loose; and howler monkeys roaring from the upper branches. If you’re truly lucky, you’ll spot some of the nation’s big cats, such as the ocelot or the enigmatic jaguar, who prowls at night and only graces humans with its presence at the most special of occasions. Bats, frogs, lizards—some can even walk on water—and colourful amphibians fill out the gaps in the biological food chain, ensuring that every part of Costa Rica is bursting with vibrant life.

Colours of the Sky

There are a lot of animals to look for on the ground, but don’t forget to look up or else you’ll miss the bright displays of red and green soaring over your head. You don’t have to be a birder to fall in love with the birds of Costa Rica. Of the over 900 species of birds in Costa Rica, the toucan is the most charming. They may not appear bearing breakfast cereal, but the sight of their colourful bill and expressive face is nevertheless sweet. Scarlet macaws populate the forests, both remote and close to home, and brilliant little hummingbirds buzz through life in and outside the cities. If you explore the cloud forests of Monteverde, you’ll give yourself a chance to spot the brilliant greens and reds of the resplendent quetzal, a bird of almost legendary beauty. Come armed with some good binoculars and a sturdy neck and you’ll be rewarded with sights of colour even the world’s greatest painters couldn’t conjure.

Beneath the Waves

Blessed with two coasts, Costa Rica has more than its share of aquatic animals to brighten days spent at the beach. It’s most famous for turtles, which nest in Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean side from July to October. You’ll find both green sea and hawksbill turtles hatching during this period; leatherbacks are here too, but this endangered species is rare. On the Pacific side, you may spot migrating humpback whales in the waters between March and July. Gentle whale sharks also find their way into the waters, as do bottle-nose dolphins, which swim and play off the coast at all times of year. If the large marine animals do elude you, you’ll always have the colourful denizens of the coral reefs to keep you company, from rays which fly beneath the waves to bright little trevally that dart between the coral. The nation’s wild bounty knows no bounds by land or sea.

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