ARE YOUR CLIENTS SICK OF WINTER? Here’s where to send them

Have you been tirelessly fielding requests from clients who are done with winter’s chilly antics? They’ve simply had enough of having frozen fingertips, shoveling driveways, and experiencing a wardrobe crisis every time they leave the house. It’s not just the winter blues; the never-ending small talk about the weather just about morphed them into the grumpiest version of themselves.

Sounds like it’s high time to drench some much-needed sunshine onto their icy attitudes and whisk them away to a tropical paradise. Whether your clients choose to come back relaxed, come back adventurous, or come back full… They’ll unquestionably come back changed.

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If they only pretended to hold the doors open

At the Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana Resort & Spa, your clients won’t have to lift a finger. Except for sipping a cocktail, of course! Paint a picture for them: Basking in the lap of indulgence, surrounded by pristine beaches, while enjoying gourmet dining and lavish accommodations that will make them forget all about winter. From pampering spa treatments to lounging by the pool while the kids are busy in the water park, this resort has mastered the art of Unlimited Luxury® pampering.

If they’re wearing sunglasses to avoid eye contact

Here, they’ll want to keep those shades on even after dark! And why is that? Because your sun-starved clients won’t want to miss a moment of the dazzling show the sun puts on every evening as it sets over the Pacific. They’ll be soaking up the vibrant hues from the beach, from their private balcony, or while sipping cocktails by the saltwater pool. This intimate resort is known for its character and colonial charm, its gourmet dining, and its sunsets that are simply second to none. In fact, CC Beach Front Papagayo offers memorable moments – and a stylish excuse to wear sunglasses around the clock!

If someone’s breathing sets them off

Let’s put it this way: Hiking in Peru is like having the gym to yourself, but with way better views!

Your clients will be grateful to say goodbye to sweaty strangers on the treadmill and hello to a solo trek on some of the most breathtaking (literally) trails in Latin America. From the craggy beauty of the Andes to the quiet solitude of the Amazon jungle, the only sounds they’ll encounter are the twittering of birds and the whispering of the wind. So why not encourage them to try something a little different this year? Surely their hiking boots are still in perfect condition, awaiting their next exciting adventure.

If social media is as social as they get

Cozumel Island is where travellers can achieve their lifelong dream of being alone on an island, minus the castaway misadventures!

Whether your clients prefer to snorkel in solitude or sunbathe on the beach at Santa Pilar with only the iguanas for company, this is where peace and tranquility reign supreme. This quiet Mexican paradise is indeed their ticket to escape the crowds and revel in the blissful art of silence. All this is possible at the all-inclusive Melia Cozumel, especially with an upgrade to The Level. Not only will your clients receive personalized service, but they’ll also have access to exclusive areas. They’ll enjoy private check-in, breakfast in a members-only lounge, and private Bali beds on the beach. Complete and utter serenity guaranteed!

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