Bangkok’s 8 Most Treasured Chinese Restaurants

For those with Chinese upbringing, there are few things better than having friends and family over to share an abundance of food spread across a turning Lazy Susan. This Dragon Year, as a tribute to the the undeniable influence of longstanding Chinese heritage that echoes through the streets of Bangkok, TOP25 Restaurants aims to shine a light on some of the city’s most treasured Chinese restaurants, jointly selected by our team of experts and members of Bangkok’s affluent Thai-Chinese/Chinese community.

❁ Restaurants With Private Dining Rooms ❁

Chef Man

A name that’s become synonymous with quality dim sum, Chef Man is every Bangkokian’s go-to for consistently reliable “home-style” Cantonese. Some crowd favorites include the molten lava bunscrispy prawn wrapped in rice noodle (cheung fun), roast pork belly, and baked snow buns with barbecue pork. Foodies will appreciate the egg noodle–slightly firm and deliciously sticky–with perfectly braised fish maw in flavorful abalone sauce.

Do not make the rookie mistake of showing up without a reservation. From “the Man” himself: Apart from the offerings, what are my plans for Chinese New Year? Work! There is no other secret to good food. Work hard and always, always put yourself in the shoes of your guests. How would you feel if you were served this dish? – Chef Man Wai Yin → more

Bangkok’s 8 Most Treasured Chinese Restaurants: Chef Man (left) - POTONG (right)


TOP25 Restaurants’ “Rising Stars of 2022” and #35 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, POTONG needs little introduction. Within her 120-year-old heritage home, Chef Pam sets out to delight and form lasting memories for her guests while revealing bits and pieces of her own through a combination of the “5 Elements”–her culinary philosophy–and the “5 Senses” it takes to bring a memory to life.

“I believe our secret lies in our heritage and our beliefs. To recreate traditional dishes using other, modern methods requires understanding of the traditional ways.” – Chef Pichaya “Pam” Soontornyanakij

We caught up with Chef Pam and POTONG’s maître d’ Sacha to find out what surprises are in store for us in 2024. Expect an assortment of food and snacks on the Opium Bar’s new casual dining menu, starting this Chinese New Year. Exciting new dishes are also in development, this time as part of POTONG’s latest menu “Revolution”, something we all can look forward to in April 2024. We heard through the grapevine that regulars can start enjoying these new creations as early as mid-February. For those new to the experience, we offer a glimpse into Chef Pam’s tasting menu: the signature duck main.

POTONG works with a local farm in Cha Choeng Sao for the best possible duck with a precise weight of 2-2.1kg for the right marble percentage. The duck is marinated with 5 spices, the skin then partially cooked with a vinegar mix and dry-aged for 14 days before it is roasted at extremely high temperature for exactly 13 minutes. The result is tender meat with balanced, complex flavors and what is likely the most crispy and fragrant duck skin you will ever have.

I believe our secret lies in our heritage and our beliefs. To recreate traditional dishes using other, modern methods requires understanding of the traditional ways. Our “Progressive Thai-Chinese” respects the traditional “Thai-Chinese” cuisine, embraces it, and gives it a spin-off, innovating and improving as time goes by. – Chef Pichaya “Pam” Soontornyanakij  → more

Yu Ting Yuan

Since its opening, Yu Ting Yuan at the Four Seasons Hotel has been one of the top destinations in Bangkok for refined Cantonese flavors. Among regulars are connoisseurs who have educated themselves on the fine nuances of Cantonese cuisine, returning for the authenticity of the food, and of course, the overall experience. From Chef Tommy’s signature tasting menu, the wok-fried Australian Mayura Platinum Wagyu Striploin with black bean and dried tangerine peel brings a slice of authentic Hong Kong flavors to Bangkok.

Bangkok’s 8 Most Treasured Chinese Restaurants: Yu Ting Yuan at the Four Seasons Hotel

It’s like taking a culinary journey straight from the streets of Hong Kong with bustling food stalls where you can smell the sizzle of stir-fried beef with that unmistakable black bean sauce. Yu Ting Yuan works directly with trusted overseas and local producers to guarantee freshness, quality, and authenticity in ingredients brought to every table.

For abalone, guests have the option between Yoshihama abalone which is prized for its tenderness and delicate flavor, or the South African abalone which for its larger size and versatility, can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. The trend for Chinese food and Asian ingredients is on the rise. I think it’s fantastic.

For chefs, having access to a wide range of Asian ingredients is like having a palette of vibrant flavors and textures to play with, allowing us to craft dishes that are truly unique and exquisite. And for diners, with more diverse ingredients being incorporated into menus, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking to try something new. – Chef Tommy Cheung   → more

Man Tables

Chef Man’s bougie sister, Man Tables at Baan Turtle, houses 3 spacious private dining rooms where top bank executives often gather to wine and dine clients. Most loved among the venue’s high-profile regulars are the signature braised (fresh) fish maw and braised sun-dried South African abalone.

The secret to Man Tables’ rich, silky sauce? Top quality traditional Chinese ingredients and chicken broth gently simmered to an 80% reduction. This Chinese New Year, for a limited time, guests can also indulge in Iberico char siu (or Cantonese roast pork) and braised oyster. Trusted sources say that Chef Man Wai Yin is also available for at-home private catering, but only upon special request. → tel. 095 454 8978

Bangkok’s 8 Most Treasured Chinese Restaurants: Man's Table (left) - Chai Jia Chai (right)

Chai Jia Chai

Bangkok’s first Cantonese omakase restaurant where guests are served Chef Tsai’s selection of elaborate, seasonal dishes. The New Year Lao Qi Scampi, a refreshing shrimp scampi salad with celery, onions, dried radish, chili, and sweet basil, bean garlic sauce, and lotus roots snacks in a lucky Ang Bao (red envelope), is not only delicious but also conveys heartfelt wishes—lao qi meaning “picking up the happiness,” a cultural expression of good luck. → tel. 093 117 1909

Ah Yat Abalone

Nestled in the heart of Charoenkrung’s bustling food scene stands a beacon of heritage and tradition. Named after Chef Yeung Koon Yat, this iconic institution is known among Thai-Chinese and Hong Kong-Chinese expats with sophisticated palates for masterfully prepared abalone dishespeking duck, top-notch dim sum, and live seafood. → tel. 02 291 7781

❁ Private Dining Only ❁

99 Chicken Pot

Favored by politicians and the business community for his creative takes on delicacies once served to emperors, Chef Parn’s at-home private catering might be one of Bangkok’s best kept secrets. Most requested dishes behind closed doors include his silky, crispy fish fin steak in abalone sauce (bright, citrusy notes) and smoked wagyu short ribs with surprisingly delicate, mala-infused sauce.

For fans of London’s contemporary art scene, Shanghainese pop art icon Jacky Tsai regularly enjoys Chef Parn’s crunchy, sticky sea cucumber in 20-Hour Emperor’s Chicken Soup. In the spirit of giving and sharing, the soup sans sea cucumber is also available for delivery. → tel. 096 687 9596

Bangkok’s 8 Most Treasured Chinese Restaurants: 99 Chicken Pot (left) - Cross BKK (right)

Cross BKK

Cross offers a unique, intimate dining experience in Bangkok, where a Chinese-French chef’s table takes center stage. Starting off as a passion project shared between two siblings, the table has since then become a well sought after experience. To try their fish maw in Chinese herbal chicken soup or Dutch oven abalone baked rice with egg yolk, truffle paste, and shiitake mushroom, you can (try) to secure a table on the 10th of each month, at 11am. With limited seatings–only 2 groups per day–Cross is often booked out within the day (for good reason).  → tel. 097 245 9899


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