DTC Student Joins the Team in International THE-ICE GRM Challenge 2024

The time has come for the annual international stage of THE-ICE GRM Challenge held by THE-ICE, an international organization established by alliances worldwide to set a multilateral benchmark for hospitality education standards and accredit standardized institutions through revision of recognized experts in the industry globally.

THE-ICE GRM Challenge 2024 is a revenue management competition which gives the participants challenging scenarios to gain the highest revenue for a hotel. Role playing as hotel revenue managers, the competitors had to design the spending and revenue plan to gain the most income within 32 days under different circumstances such as group reservation, spending on social media ads, online booking platform implementation, and so on. This could blaze learning and challenge which leads to the further benefits to the hospitality and tourism industry.

Graciously, Ms. Thipsuda Saimai, Hotel Management Program’s third year student of Dusit Thani College, Thailand’s leading educational institution in hospitality businesses under Dusit International, fortified with international students from other institutions including Kwok Wai Lee from Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia and Reign Aizle Angeles from Far Eastern University in the Philippines as a team to compete in this challenge. After brainstorming and utilizing all their skills and knowledge, the students became the winner over 64 competitors from 9 institutions of all regions.

“From this challenge, I have learned and practiced more about revenue management”, Ms. Thipsuda Saimai expressed her feeling. “Moreover, I had a chance to work with foreign friends which I have gained new knowledge and exchanged revenue management strategies and methods. It was a great opportunity that I contributed my time to what I enjoy and benefits me in my future career. Eventually, what I spent my energy and time on together with friends awards me this victory.”

Dusit Thani College reinforces students to contest their various skills at national and international stages which provide occupational advantages in their future. As being quality personnel of the hospitality industry need more than service mastery, students must be equipped with several skill sets that drive them further. Revenue management is one of the essential skills for hotel management in the current economic situation. This student’s success proves that graduates of Dusit Thani College are ready for all careers in the hospitality industry.


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