PUBS, PATIOS & BARS: 13 lucky places to have a Red Stripe in Jamaica

Red Stripe, Jamaica’s famed beer, is synonymous the island. Its smooth yet zesty taste, served chilled in iconic stubby bottles, reminds drinkers of the genuinely vibrant yet calming spirit of the island and its inhabitants. Moreover, the logo adorns all manner of souvenirs that are carried by tourists to destinations around the world.

But the beer, of course, is made for drinking, not just T-shirts, so, where in the name of Bob Marley are the best places on the island to get one (or perhaps two)?

Here, courtesy of island insiders Jamaica Experience, is a list of 13 of the best places in Jamaica to enjoy Red Stripe:

Red Bones Blues Café, Kingston: In addition to enjoying a cold Red Stripe, visit this bar on Argyle road for an evening of fine Jazz music, dub poetry readings, and even film screenings. If your appetite permits, have dinner with your Red Stripe by the bar, in the dining rooms, under the gazebo, or by the courtyard.

Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Record, Kingston: While sipping on your Red Stripe at Tracks & Record, you can catch your favourite games on one of the flat-screen TVs positioned at various sections of this sports bar. On some nights, special events are held here such as comedy shows, music release shows, and watch parties.

Triple Century Sports Bar: Another great watch party location in Jamaica’s capital city is Triple Century. Owned by famous West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle, you can enjoy both local and international bites at this sports lounge while you nurse a couple of bottles of Red Stripe.

Pelican Bar, St. Elizabeth: You will have to journey by boat to enjoy your Red Stripe because this bar is located in the middle of the ocean. It’s one of the most popular day bars on Jamaica’s south coast. You get to enjoy sweeping views of the ocean, freshly prepared seafood dishes, and your favourite Jamaica beer.

Pier 1, Montego Bay: When you’re feeling for Red Stripe in Montego Bay, all roads lead to the lively seaside restaurant and bar, Pier 1. It’s a family-friendly dining location so while you are having your bottles of Red Stripe at the bar, the rest of your family can satisfy their tastebuds with the inviting seafood menu. There is also a menu for vegetarians and a kids menu.

Distil Bar, Kingston: If you want to season your palate with international cuisine while drinking your beer, Distil Bar is the place to go. It is strategically located in Marketplace surrounding a number of restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mediterranean dishes.

Rick’s Café, Negril: A trip to Negril without a stop at this cliffside hangout (photo) is a huge blunder that you will never make. While you sip on your Red Stripe, watch as brave patrons cliff dive.

The Brewery, Montego Bay: One of the distinct features of this restaurant is the amazing view of the sunset that patrons who dine in the evening enjoy. The location of The Brewery makes it an ideal spot to reflect on your day and converse with locals.

JoJos Jerk Pit, Kingston: The coolest jerk-pan hangout on Waterloo Road is JoJos Jerk Pit. Not only will you enjoy a bottle of Red Stripe, but you can also choose from a variety of jerk dishes such as jerk pork, chicken, sausage, and even jerk seafood. Maybe you want to balance your alcohol consumption, try a cup of soup at intervals.

Regency, Kingston: Maybe you’re seeking a quieter ambiance indoors. The Regency located inside Terra Nova All-Suites Hotel is perfect for you to enjoy a chilled bottle of Red Stripe. You can also order from their menu which includes local and international dishes.

Mary’s Bay Boat Bar & Grill, Negril: After a few hours of cliff diving, sunbathing, and splashes in the mini-pools on Negril’s Westend, visit this bar and grill to have a bottle of Red Stripe. It’s a relaxed setting that boasts a nightly, live Reggae music show.

Blue Beat, Montego Bay: This cozy lounge on the Hip Strip serves up the best of Montego Bay’s Jazz and Blues scene on most nights and attracts a mature crowd of music lovers. In addition to Red Stripe, try out their selection of fine wines and spirits at the bar.

Flavours Beach Bar, Runaway Bay: After a swim in the warm waters at Flavours, spend a few hours at the bar with a cool Red Stripe, a plate of jerk chicken and fries, and good company. That’s all you need to feel right at home.

Not close to any of these bars? There are more than enough spots in Jamaica to enjoy Red Stripe and other beverages. Ask the front desk at your hotel or villa to give you recommendations.

With glass purposefully in hand, we at Travel Industry Today continue our series on some of the planet’s best bars, patios and rooftop venues. For more articles in the series, click here:


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