RETAIL ROUND-UP: Flight Centre, Trevello, TL Network, TTAND

In this week’s retail news, Flight Centres takes it “slow,” Trevello has had an uplifting experience, Travel Leaders Network mixed it up in Moncton and Halifax, and The Travel Agent Next Door welcomes a new marketing manager.

Flight Centre

A new YouTube travel series from Flight Centre invites travellers to “escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the beauty of the world.” Dubbed “Slow TV,” travel video show offers “introspective, soothing, and immersive viewing”

Whether it’s a gondola ride or a panoramic helicopter flight over the Swiss Alps to the serene sights and sounds in Bali or Hawaii, Flight Centre’s “Relax (Slow TV)” series tempts viewers to embark on a journey through real-time, tranquil snapshots of some of the world’s most breathtaking places.

Brian McLaren, Executive VP of Flight Centre Canada, emphasizes that in a world brimming with incredible travel experiences, slow TV is really the only way of conveying just how amazing many places are to the ears and eyes.

“The slow TV phenomenon offers the perfect respite for individuals yearning to escape the fast pace of life and seek an introspective, soothing, and immersive viewing experience,” he says. “As an integral part of Flight Centre’s mission to open the world for those who want to see, this video series encourages would-be travellers to adopt a more mindful approach to how they experience travel.”

He continues, “Each year, an increasing number of adventurers are eager to experience the real thing. Guided by a thirst for knowledge, modern travellers are looking to explore diverse landscapes while forming meaningful connections with various cultures around the world. Immersing yourself in a first-person video is the next best thing to being there. Our ‘Relax (Slow TV)’ series provides a unique ‘try-before-you-buy’ travel experience.”

Audiences can tune in to Flight Centre’s “Relax (Slow TV)” series on YouTube or on digital screens at a Flight Centre store to view it on digital screens.


Trevello Travel Group has announced a strategic partnership with Uplift, a purveyor of flexible travel payment solutions. The collaboration aims to make it easier for prospective travel advisors to kickstart their own travel advisory businesses.

Together Trevello and Uplift will help qualifying candidates address the initial costs associated with launching their travel enterprises through an innovative initiative that enables individuals to spread there expenses through manageable monthly installments, all without hidden fees or pre-payment penalties.

Trevello says the partnership brings the concept of “buy now, pay later” to aspiring travel advisors, allowing them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams without the immediate financial burdens typically associated with starting a business.

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with Uplift, which perfectly aligns with our mission to bring in more travel advisors into our industry,” says Trevello CEO Zeina Gedeon. “We firmly believe that financial considerations should never stand in the way of passionate individuals pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. With Uplift’s support, we empower future travel advisors to embark on their journey confidently, knowing they have access to a flexible and transparent financial solution.”

Travel Leaders Network

Melissa Wheaton

Travel Leaders Network recently hosted exclusive Owners and Managers Mixers in Atlantic Canada. Moncton’s Mixer took place on Sept. 26 with 20 members and 10 suppliers in attendance, followed the next night by an event in Halifax, which saw a total of 50 members and nine suppliers taking part in the sold-out event (banner photo).

TLN touts the monthly mixers as a great platform for top suppliers to personally interact with owners and managers, free of charge to the members. Eastern Canada BDM Melissa Wheaton updated members on Travel Leaders Network offerings, as did preferred partners.


The Travel Agent Next Door has appointed Christine Ufniak as its Marketing Director effective immediately. Ufniak was previously Director of Marketing for North America at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, playing a pivotal role in shaping the marketing strategy and driving growth for the company’s North American operations – before leaving the industry for the past three years.

“We are very pleased to have someone with Christine’s vast travel industry and marketing experience join TTAND,” said Flemming Friisdahl, TTAND Founder and CEO. “Christine will be a key member of our leadership team in guiding the company and our agent partners as we continue to grow to new heights.”

He added: “We know that marketing is a very important aspect of selling travel. TTAND has invested heavily in having the largest host agency marketing team to support our agent partners.”

First published at Travel Industry Today


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