Fusion Hotel Group Honors Earth Day Year Round

Fusion Hotel Group Honors Earth Day Year Round - TRAVELINDEXHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam, April 11, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / While eco-initiatives shouldn’t be restricted to one day a year, Earth Day on April 22nd is a reminder that we need to act now – and always – when it comes to the health of the earth. This year’s theme, Invest in Our Planet, highlights how we can step up and each do our part for future generations.

Fusion Hotel Group, a wellness-focused hotel brand that began in Vietnam in 2008, has been updating its offering so that the wellness of the planet is considered just as much as the wellness of each guest.

“Physical wellness, mental wellness, and the wellness of our environment are all connected,” said Kevin Beauvais, CEO of Fusion Hotel Group. “Our concept of wellness has expanded over recent years as we recommit to the well-being of the planet.”

Here are a couple of eco-highlights from some of the Fusion properties in Vietnam.

Fusion Original Saigon Centre, set to make its debut in the coming months, will have a zero plastic policy. The new central city hotel is opting for in-room canned water, paper-wrapped wooden amenities, eco-friendly takeaway and compostable garbage bags, as well as a zero plastic policy when it comes to deliveries from suppliers. Recycling stations will be set up on all guest floors and the hotel is going paperless in the rooms, in the front-of-house and back-of-house.

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, on the country’s south central coast, has made huge eco-strides over the course of the pandemic. They now have one of the largest resort farms in Vietnam – with more than 250 animals, a mango orchid, and a herb & vegetable garden of more than 3,000 square meters producing over 40 kg of fresh organic vegetables daily. The resort established the Fusion Farm school in 2020 where they teach daily complimentary classes to guests and employees’ children on how to care for animals and grow vegetables. All of their wet raw food waste is used to feed the animals, resulting in zero removal of waste from the property.

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion embraces RRR (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) at every level. At their on-site organic farm they use food waste to produce compost and feed their animals. The produce grown on the farm supplies the resort’s restaurants and staff canteen and any extra produce is sold to the staff or local community at a reduced rate. Last year the Alba team planted 2,000 trees after a storm damaged the surrounding forest. The damaged wood from fallen trees was also reused to build bridges on the property and make repairs. Among several other important initiatives Alba runs education programs with local children where they learn the value of organic farming, plastic reduction and environmental awareness.

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