Lotus Eletre First Electric Lifestyle Focused Hyper-SUV

Lotus Eletre First Electric Lifestyle Focused Hyper-SUV - TRAVELINDEXBangkok, Thailand, September 22, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / The Eletre marks a transformative moment for Lotus, evolving from a 75-year legacy in sports car excellence to launch its first-ever electric and lifestyle-focused hyper-SUV. Combining breath-taking performance with unprecedented practicality, this game-changing model opens a new chapter for Lotus. With 75 years of sports car expertise under its belt, Lotus takes an audacious leap into the future with the launch of the Lotus Eletre, the brand’s first-ever electric, lifestyle-focused hyper-SUV. Designed to cater to a new generation without compromising on performance, the Eletre is a true Lotus at heart, delivering an exhilarating blend of dynamic excellence and practicality.

The Eletre is not just another electric vehicle (EV); it’s a Lotus first and foremost. Drawing on the brand’s iconic legacy, the Eletre infuses the soul of the latest Lotus sports car – the Emira – and the ground-breaking aerodynamics of the all-electric Evija hypercar, into an entirely new hyper-SUV format. “Born British, Raised Globally,” the Eletre is a multinational effort, conceived and developed by Lotus teams in the UK, Germany, and China. Offered in two models – Eletre S, and Eletre R – the SUV redefines expectations with advanced suspension and chassis technology, leading in ride, handling, and aerodynamics.

The Eletre comes fully equipped with a range of standard features, including an Active Air Suspension System, Continuous Damping Control, and Torque Vectoring System. It also features Lotus Intelligent Dynamic Chassis Control and sports 23-inch 5-spoke forged wheels with a diamond-turned finish, although 22-inch five-spoke wheels are standard in Thailand markets. Additional features include Matrix LED headlamps, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Visual Park Assist. For interior comfort, the vehicle offers four-zone climate control, electrically adjustable front seats with 12 settings, and a head-up display. Tech amenities include wireless compatibility for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a robust 1,380W, 15-speaker KEF Premium Audio system.

Eletre S: Redefining Luxury Across Various Lifestyles

Beyond the standard offerings, the Eletre S model enhances your experience with several added features. These include doors that close softly, tinted privacy glass in a blackened finish, an active rear spoiler, and customizable interior lighting. The model also boasts illuminated door sills, a premium air quality control system, and a high-fidelity KEF Reference audio system delivering 2,160 watts through 23 speakers. Rounding out the enhancements are 22-inch 10-spoke forged wheels, finished in grey and accented with a lacquer coat as well as an uncoated diamond-turned finish.

Eletre R: The Pinnacle Model for Driving Enthusiasts and High-Performance

The Eletre R sets itself apart as a performance-centric model, featuring the Lotus Dynamic Handling Pack, which includes Intelligent Active Roll Control and Active Rear Steering. This version also boasts a Carbon Pack, high-performance Pirelli P Zero tyres, and sleek high-gloss black wheels. It introduces a sixth driving mode specifically designed for the track. Subjected to extensive testing, including laps around the Nürburgring track, this flagship model holds the title of the world’s fastest dual-motor, all-electric SUV, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under three seconds. Its fast-charging system is equally remarkable, reaching 10-80% charge in just 20 minutes and providing up to 120 km (approximately 74 miles) of range in a scant five minutes. With dual motors for instant torque and all-wheel-drive functionality, the Eletre R also offers off-road prowess and a towing capacity of 2,250 kg. Additional amenities include a 29-inch head-up display, remote parking capabilities, and the convenience of over-the-air updates. European and UK customers can also expect advanced safety features and comprehensive warranties as standard offerings.

Eletre vehicle owners have the flexibility to personalise their cars, thanks to an array of customizable options. These packages range from the Executive Seat Pack and Comfort Seat Pack to the Carbon Fibre Accessories Pack, Carbon Fibre Interior Package, Parking Pack, and Highway Assist Pack, among others. Clients can opt for individual features from these packages, including a wide range of colours and interior designs to suit their preferences. Wearnes Automotive Thailand is now accepting orders for both “Eletre S”, priced at 5,890,000 Baht, and “Eletre R”, priced at 6,590,000 Baht. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2024.

Mr. Teeraphong Rodloy, Country Manager, Wearnes Thailand, stated, “As the official importer, dealer and aftersales service provider for Lotus in Thailand, Wearnes Automotive Pte. Ltd. is thrilled to introduce the Eletre, the ultimate hyper SUV, to Thai consumers. This vehicle is designed to cater to a new generation that craves high-performance cars that are both easily operable and incredibly versatile. Whether for daily commutes or vacation journeys, the Eletre offers unparalleled driving performance and an exhilarating experience akin to racing on a track. What sets it apart is its superior comfort, state-of-the-art driving assistance systems, cutting-edge infotainment, and essential online connectivity features. We are confident that the Eletre SUV will undoubtedly captivate the hearts of both existing Lotus customers and car enthusiasts in Thailand.”

The Lotus Eletre combines agility, handling, and comfort with advanced features like all-wheel drive, active anti-roll control, and torque vectoring. Its 6D Integrated Chassis Control system ensures a dynamic driving experience. The SUV features lightweight aluminium multi-link suspension with dual-chamber air springs and adaptive electronic damping for a responsive ride. Electromechanical steering and active rear-wheel steering offer precise control. Various driving modes and high-performance Pirelli tyres provide customisation, while the braking system includes options for six-piston callipers and carbon ceramic brakes.

To ensure the Eletre meets Lotus’s high standards for ride quality and agility, it’s built on the unique, modular Electric Premium Architecture (EPA). This platform optimises electric power benefits, like a low centre of gravity, by placing the battery between the axles and under the floor. Advanced materials make the chassis both lightweight and rigid, aligning with Lotus’s core principles. Key components are made from weight-saving aluminium alloys, which make up 43% of the platform and 50.7% of the body structure. These are supplemented by high-strength steels and lightweight composites for added durability and crash resilience. The result is a car that excels in performance, comfort, and safety across various terrains.

Power, performance and efficiency

The Eletre hyper-SUV offers a blend of high performance and energy efficiency, ideal for both long drives and daily use. Its 800-volt, 112kWh battery charges quickly and efficiently, and features thermal management for optimised performance in various conditions. The vehicle is Lotus’s first all-wheel drive, with lightweight electric motors and advanced inverters. The base Eletre offers 603hp, a 0-100km/h time of 4.5 seconds, and a 600km range, while the Eletre R ramps up to 905hp and a 490km range. Energy is recovered during braking, and drivers can adjust regenerative levels. The SUV also has a 2,250kg towing capacity and extra storage, balancing luxury and practicality.

Form and Function – Aerodynamics and Digital Cockpit

Eletre’s sleek, cab-forward design elevates Lotus’s iconic mid-engine aesthetic into a hyper-SUV. Eletre modernizes Lotus’s mid-engine design as a hyper-SUV with advanced aerodynamics inspired by Evija and Emira, achieving a 0.26 drag coefficient. The vehicle features a customisable active front grille for optimised airflow, which stays open in Track Mode for peak performance. Electric Reverse Mirror Displays replace traditional mirrors to enhance visibility and cut wind resistance by 1.5%, boosting range. A retractable LIDAR provides advanced driver assistance, while an adaptive rear spoiler automatically adjusts to driving conditions, reducing drag by up to 1.8%.

The Eletre’s luxurious, tech-forward cabin features a ‘Digital Cockpit’ with powerful Qualcomm chips and Lotus Hyper OS, offering 5G and OTA updates. Voice commands and multiple OLED screens provide easy access to advanced navigation, wireless charging, and safety features. The cabin also includes a high-quality KEF audio system with Dolby Atmos and a companion app for remote controls. All this comes with a focus on sustainability and energy-efficient design, such as a smart panoramic roof.

Additionally, the advanced safety and comfort systems, including 34 sensors and two NVIDIA Orin-X chips tenable Level 4 autonomous driving. Highway Assist makes long-distance driving easier by managing speed and lane positioning between 30-150km/h. The Driver Monitoring System alerts for driver fatigue or distraction, while the Life Detection and Care system prevents leaving children or pets in a hot car, even alerting emergency authorities if needed.

Daring Exterior, Luxurious Interior

The exterior is bold with a cab-forward stance, long wheelbase, and minimal overhangs for a lightweight, sporty look. A key design feature is ‘porosity’ for improved airflow and reduced drag. Elements like vents in the bonnet and wheel arches contribute to enhanced performance and range. The sleek front incorporates LEDs, an active grille, and discreetly placed LIDAR, nodding to Lotus classics like the Emira and Evija. The side profile features aerodynamic curves, a steep windscreen, and a specialised ‘air blade’ on the floating D-pillar. The rear boasts a full-width light strip that changes colour to indicate battery charge, along with a unique carbon-fibre roof spoiler housing another LIDAR sensor.

Inside, the Eletre offers a driver-centred cockpit with a high console, premium materials, and an option for a four-seat layout. A fixed panoramic roof brightens the cabin, which includes a recurring triangular design theme. Features include wireless charging, hidden cupholders, and ample door storage. Sustainability is key, with upholstery options like Re-Fibre from fashion waste and 100% recyclable Econyl carpets.

With the Emira confirmed as the final combustion engine Lotus sports car, the Eletre’s significance as the first all-electric Lotus hyper-SUV is made all the more significant: it is a key milestone in the brand’s dramatic transformation as it embraces a bold new electrified era. Lotus has always used technical innovation, advanced aerodynamics and lightweighting to create vehicles which set the class benchmark for performance, ride and handling. The Eletre proudly continues this tradition but with a step-change in versatility and usability, ensuring that the Lotus brand appeals to driving enthusiasts like never before.


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