Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor with Sustainability Push

Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor with Sustainability Push - TOP25HOTELS.comLuxury heritage hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia is a local leader in environmental innovation Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, the iconic luxury hotel on the doorstep of ancient Khmer archeological sites in Cambodia, has introduced a new fleet of electric tuk-tuks, providing an innovative and eco-friendly transportation option for guests.

The sleek ONiON T1 vehicles feature a white exterior shell that shields passengers from the hot tropical sun and rainy downpours, while their sturdy suspension and ample legroom ensure a smooth ride for those exploring the vibrant city of Siem Reap and its surroundings, including the UNESCO World Heritage wonder of Angkor Wat.

“Sustainability is top of mind in everything we do at Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor – from sourcing local ingredients in our restaurants and eliminating single-use plastics to other initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint – and we are thrilled to be able to offer our guests these eco-friendly tuk-tuk passenger vehicles,” said General Manager Joseph Colina.

The new tuk-tuks are manufactured by ONiON Mobility, a green transport company headquartered in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. The partnership between Raffles and ONiON underscores a shared commitment to environmental sustainability, the hotel said.

Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor originally opened in 1932 as a rest stop for archeologists and adventurers exploring the ancient kingdom of Angkor Wat.

Earlier this year, the hotel unveiled a series of exclusive ‘Curated Journeys’ offering guests new ways to experience Siem Reap’s rich culture and history.

These include a ‘Bespoke Temple Dinner’ served by candlelight at the magnificent temple complex of Angkor; a ‘Lost Civilisations of Angkor by Vespa’ tour, where the ancient world meets the here-and-now; ‘Meet the Elephants of Angkor’, a memorable visit to an elephant sanctuary where guests can get up close and personal with these gentle giants; ‘Khmer Culinary Discovery’, which offers a deep dive into the culture and traditions of authentic Cambodian cuisine; ‘Siem Reap Art Tour’ explores the city’s flourishing art scene; and ‘Reflections of Angkor’, which offers a unique opportunity to develop one’s photography skills.

Several of these excursions will be available via the new electric tuk-tuks.

In April, Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor is listed as one of the world’s Best Luxury Hotels by TOP25Hotels.com


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