Villagers of Manggis Transform Future of Tourism with Kaura

Villagers of Subak Bakung Transform the Future of Tourism with Kaura - TRAVELINDEX - VISITBALI.orgKarangasem, East Bali, Indonesia, February 8, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Cross Hotels & Resorts, in collaboration with Discova, are proud to announce the launch of new brand “Kaura”, and the first of its kind “Kaura Bali”.  This immersive village experience is located in the lush hills of Karangasem, East Bali and developed in harmony with the environment, in direct partnership with the villagers of Manggis. Kaura is the sixth brand from Cross Hotels & Resorts and is poised to transform the hospitality landscape.

Transforming Hospitality for All

Kaura Bali started as a community project with Discova with the reparation of a damaged irrigation pipe that threatened the survival of the entire community who were heavily dependent on rice farming. Today, the villagers of Manggis are transforming tourism with experiences that are both created and guided by the community. Each moment connects adventurous travelers closer to village culture.

Steeped in Paradise

Manggis is appointed on the sweeping terraces of eastern Bali, with the fertile volcanic hillside as a stunning backdrop to the vibrant colour of village life. The crystal waters of the Java Sea are just a short cycle away; it is the perfect base to explore the region.

Life Changing Experiences

“I’m so proud to be working hand-in-hand with Discova and the people of Manggis to bring Kaura to life.” said CEO of Cross Hotels & Resorts, Harry Thaliwal. “Our goal of self-sustaining retreats, created in partnership with local communities, is at the core of Cross’s vision for an evolving industry. Through education, and sustainable development with the villagers, Kaura will deliver life changing experiences for travelers.”

Immersed in Nature

Kaura Bali is an escape to the indulgence of nature. Guests can experience sunrises over the yoga Sala each morning, enjoy breathtaking views from the infinity pool, and step into a timeless world of Balinese treatments in our Spa. The retreat has been hand-crafted with the environment and sustainability first. There is no better way to reconnect with our planet or experience a new culture.

Relax in Balinese Hospitality

Our large, comfortable Balinese styled tents are instinctively positioned on the rolling curve of the steeps overlooking the rice paddies, rows of scented herbs, organic vegetables, and tropical fruit orchards. Hammocks surround our fire pits for guests to connect with, and hear stories from the village elders, while cold beers and tropical cocktails help everyone unwind from city life.

Shared Visions

Suyin Lee, Managing Director of Discova says, “Kaura is a true collaboration between the villagers of Manggis, Discova and Cross Hotels & Resorts.  It is part of our longstanding commitment to sustainable tourism, which directly benefits local communities. The villagers wanted to adopt organic farming, to improve farming practices and to bring prosperity back to their village. Now they are welcoming everyone to experience the real Bali and in doing so, creating an alternate source of livelihood.”

Don’t Just See it, Live It

The villagers are working with Discova to offer a range of experiences, from touring and working in the newly converted organic farms and rice paddies, to guided treks and cycling through the emerald Balinese steeps, or traditional cooking classes and holistic wellness workshops with the villagers, preparing for an evening meal together under a blanket of stars.

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