New research on Airbnb rentals around the world reveals the travel destinations with the largest offerings of potential Airbnb stays, which locations offer the most expensive and most affordable Airbnb rates on average. Not much of a surprise – London, Paris and New York City lead the way. Unfortunately, no Canadian city makes the top 20.

The research reveals:
• London has as many as 34,135 active rentals on the market. With almost 10,000 more Airbnbs than any other city, London has by far the most choice for travellers and the endless list of things to do.

• Paris takes second place it a great destination for travellers who don’t want to shoulder the expense of costly hotel rooms. With so many sights to see, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the art-filled halls of the Louvre, a trip to Paris is an incredibly photogenic experience.

• Ranking third as the city with the most Airbnbs, New York City is also the 8th city with the most expensive Airbnb rates, honoring its reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world.

• Miami is crowned 19th on the rankings, with around 12,000 stays, that’s a small supply compared to the 58,000 hotel rooms on the market. However, the 20% share of Airbnb units is the fourth-highest of any city, behind only New York, L.A. and San Francisco.

Further study insights:

• Since 2019, the number of active Airbnb rentals has fallen across the board, with the total number of listings for the top 10 destinations falling from 303,535 to 209,682, which equals to a 30.92% drop.

• The city with the highest density of Airbnbs is Pattaya, Thailand, where there are 79.25 active rentals on the market for every 1,000 people living there.

• Ankara, Turkey, has the cheapest average daily rate for Airbnbs, with travellers paying as little as $26.67 per night

• Las Vegas is the most expensive place in our study to stay in an Airbnb, with average daily rates of $290

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First published at Travel Industry Today

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