Exploring the World of Dusit International: A Transformative Educational Visit

Exploring the World of Dusit International: A Transformative Educational Visit - TRAVELNEWSHUB.comRecently, A group of fourth-year students of Dusit Thani College, Thailand’s leading higher education in hospitality businesses under Dusit International, enjoyed a unique opportunity to delve into the inner workings of Dusit International, gaining invaluable insights from the esteemed management team.

The visit commenced with a warm welcome from Ms. Suphajee Suthumpun, the Group Chief Executive Officer, whose inspirational speech provided a visionary outlook on the hospitality industry for budding hoteliers.

Following this, Mr. Siradej Donavanik, the Vice President of Hotel Business Development, generously shared his expertise on hotel management business development, offering a comprehensive understanding of Dusit International’s overall status and strategies. This exposure proved instrumental in acquainting the students with the fundamental principles of organizational operations within the service sector.

Mr. Gilles Cretallaz, the Chief Operating Officer, further enriched the students’ experience by providing a global perspective on Dusit Hotels, including insights into the hotel pipeline and the innovative concept of ASAI hotels. He expressed anticipation for the emergence of a new generation of Dusit Thani students within the global realm of Dusit properties.

A standout moment during the visit involved Ms. Seetala Allison Belle, the Director of Content Culture and Strategy at Dusit Digital Lab, the group’s latest department. Ms. Seetala shared Dusit International’s innovative approach to reaching customers anytime, anywhere, and through any format. This new strategy, focused on enhancing customer engagement, left a lasting impression on the students, providing them with insights into the cutting-edge strategies employed by Dusit International to connect with their target audience.

The visit concluded with an exploration of various departments and a comprehensive tour of the offices. This hands-on experience provided students with a profound understanding of the systems and operations at Dusit International, enriching their knowledge of the industry.

Special thanks were extended to Ms. Chitpapong Tipparat, Corporate Director of Learning & Development, and her dedicated team for the successful organization of this enlightening field trip. The knowledge and in-depth information acquired during this visit are anticipated to significantly benefit the students in their future careers in hotel management, enhancing their readiness for internships and providing a clearer vision for their professional paths ahead.


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