Praya Palazzo Marks 100th birthday in Delicious Fashion

Bangkok, Thailand (June 20, 2023) – PRAYA Palazzo, one of Bangkok’s most characterful riverside hotels, is mining Thailand’s rich culinary heritage as it launches its centenary celebrations this month.

A special dinner set-menu, comprising dishes made from recipes sourced from cookbooks dating back over 100-years, is the centerpiece of a package that has been curated in honor of the auspicious landmark. The package also includes accommodation, daily breakfast, Thai-style afternoon tea, and an accompanying tour of the charismatic neighborhood of Banglamphu which lies opposite Praya Palazzo on the other side of the Chao Phraya River.

“Praya Palazzo is a love letter to the past in a city that is forever looking towards the future,” said Kittisak “Kitt” Pattamasaevi, the CEO of Montara Hospitality Group. “Any birthday is significant, but 100-years is extra special. That’s why we’ve decided to mark the anniversary by highlighting the cuisine, and other aspects like the hotel’s architecture and its location near some of Bangkok’s most historic areas, that make the hotel so unique in the city.”

Praya Palazzo, one of the most attractive historic hotels along the legendary royal river, is known for its reverence for Bangkok’s incredible heritage. Located in a century-old Palladian-style mansion, and accessible only by boat, the hotel was originally the residence of a nobleman who was close with Thailand’s royal family. After lying empty for decades, the property was meticulously restored into a handsome and intimate heritage hotel.

One of the highlights of the property is Praya Dining, its MICHELIN Guide-acclaimed restaurant, which is renowned for being one of the best places in Bangkok to explore Thailand’s storied culinary heritage. Inside, it exudes historic charm to complement its culinary offerings, which unite iconic dishes from the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Kingdoms with the Rattanakosin Kingdom and modern Bangkok.

And the dinner set-menu, which features recipes from the royal court alongside other timeless classics, has been designed to reflect this reverence. Menu highlights include appetizers like latieng (sauteed minced prawn with onions, and peanuts wrapped with a delicate egg net) and a salad of Pla Neu (grilled beef with betel leaves and fresh herb). Mains include moo pad som siew (stir-fried pork with yellow chili paste), and chu chee goong maenam (deep-fried river prawn with red curry sauce.)

“Thai cuisine has achieved global prominence, which is testament to intricate cooking traditions that have been passed down through the generations,” added Kitt. “At Praya Dining we celebrate that heritage and will continue to do so as Praya Palazzo marks its centenary anniversary.”


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