Bangkok’s First 3-star Michelin Restaurant in the Making

Floating 250m (61 floors) above the ground with the most amazing aerial views of Bangkok through floor to ceiling windows, get ready for an exceptional culinary and sensory experience.

Chef’s Table is the latest addition to the world’s first “Luxury Vertical Destination” envisioned by lebua’s CEO, Deepak Ohri. lebua vertical destination hosts already two luxury hotels and the 2-star Michelin restaurant, Mezzaluna.

Chef's Table at lebua Vertical Luxury Destination Bangkok -A 3-star Michelin Restaurant in the MakingVincent Thierry, who led 3-star restaurants at the George V in Paris and Caprice at the Four Seasons in Hong Kong, leads the team at Chef’s Table from the open kitchen located in the center of the dining room, a unique and innovative concept requiring

The all-open kitchen, not only provides visual thrills watching the team of six international chefs in front of the big opulent Molteni stove, but is a masterpiece of engineering with a state-of-the-art exhaust system and a UV magic ring annihilating all fumes or any odours.

Chef's Table at lebua Vertical Luxury Destination Bangkok -A 3-star Michelin Restaurant in the MakingAt Chef’s Table, Vincent Thierry serves contemporary French fare with strong European influences, using only premium ingredients such as langoustine, turbot, lobster, foie gras and crayfish with fresh, natural and distinctive flavors. The Chef’s main focus is sourcing quality ingredients from France and locally, such as chocolate from Chiang Mai and cream for house-made butter from Khao Yai.

Adorably composed amuse-bouches like Parmesan cracker with French green beans and tarragon mousse or Spanish carabineros prawn with quail yolk on rice cracker are excellent and arrive before your degustation menu.

Chef Thierry’s signature dishes, not-to-be-missed, include the king crab tiramisu with marinated tandoori fruit and mascarpone cream, superbly marrying the crab’s fresh taste with the masala-spiced fruit.

Chef's Table at lebua Vertical Luxury Destination Bangkok -A 3-star Michelin Restaurant in the MakingAll presentations are eye-pleasingly simple. Delectable crayfish and sweetbread with Provencal ravioli in light shellfish emulsion, the duck liver is served perfectly pan-seared to showcase a velvety yet firm centre inside brilliantly complemented by the citrusy sweet and fragrant sauce.

Normandy sole with black olive, artichoke, cockles and marjoram sauce is an enjoyable and playful course, precisely balanced with delightful pan-fried stuffed artichoke from the vegetables and with not a single raw note to be found.

Before dessert, a delightful cheese course of highly addictive French cheeses is served with fresh, home-made bread. The dramatically presented dessert of lemon and vanilla meringue sphere filled with pistachio ice cream tasted superb. A well-executed dessert that displayed a lot of technique.

Pink Bar at lebua Vertical Luxury Destination Bangkok -A 3-star Michelin Restaurant in the MakingBefore or after your dinner at Chef’s Table, Pink bar, on the same level, is a must-go. The romantic champagne bar, drawing its concept from the 1950s, will indulge you for pre-dinner drinks and canapes, or a digestif and cigar to wind down the evening. Pink has a gold champagne centerpiece table sculpted from metals and a floor-to-ceiling champagne cellar. The outdoor patio offers the panoramic views of Bangkok’s cityscape, temples and beyond; inside, guests can relax in circular loungers, while enjoying live piano and vocals from Pink’s dedicated jazz singer.

Several of France’s finest historical and award-winning brands, such as Le Brun de Neuville, Rare Champagne, Champagne J. de Telemont, Dosnon Champagne and Champagne Comtes de Dampierre, are available at Pink. Pink bar is open from 6 pm until 1 am, seven days a week.

Brilliant as ever, Deepak Ohri’s soon-to-be 3-star Michelin restaurant on 61st floor of lebua, is a total indulgence where a spectacular tasting menu with pairings from an exceptional wine list provides a culinary experience that’s expertly served in a magnificent decor; the premium price level is a given, but for all gourmets and gourmands, you can’t afford to miss this place.

lebua Luxury Vertical Destination
Chef’s Table
61st Floor at the Dome
Open: 18:00 – 01:00 Tuesday – Sunday
Last order 22:00
Tel. +66 2624 9555

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