Italian Chef Eugenio Cannoni with New Autumn-Inspired Menus at La Scala

Italian Chef Eugenio Cannoni with New Autumn-Inspired Menus at la Scala The Sukhothai Hotel BangkokEugenio Cannoni, new Italian Chef at La Scala, recently launched his new menu, aiming to lead all Italian food connoisseurs into the autumn-inspired culinary journey.

La Scala Restaurant at The Sukhothai Bangkok, a triumph of innovative interior design paired with inspired Italian cuisine, led by Eugenio Cannoni as their new Italian Chef recently launched his new menu.

Chef Eugenio Cannoni was born in the heart of Monferrato, the northern Italian region of Piedmont. His grandmother, of Apulian origins, cultivated in him a passion for cooking and crafting dishes with love and care.

His career began in the family restaurant, but with a strong desire to enhance his knowledge he enrolled at one of Italy’s best cooking schools, Alma di Gualtiero Marchesi, which successfully launched him into the world of “haute cuisine”. From there begun a path of research and enrichment by touring different kitchens in Europe and around the world, also becoming the Chef of a starred restaurant and dedicating himself to collaborations and as a consultant on various TV shows in Italy and abroad. His latest appointment was Chef De Cuisine at Castello di Casalborgone in Turin.

Eugenio’s personal cooking philosophy is to leave the products and raw materials as intact as possible, treating them with the most innovative techniques available, maintaining traditional taste revisited with a contemporary perspective — very simple, definite, and direct flavours, refined in the preparations with a particular imprint derived from his memories, professional experiences, and gastronomic journeys.

With his newly launched menu, he aims to lead all Italian food connoisseurs into the autumn-inspired culinary journey with the dishes carefully created and cooked with the finest and the freshest ingredients of the season. Either as set menus to enjoy the full Italian culinary experience or as a la carte, which guests can choose the items individually. The set menu offers a selection of 4, 6 and 8 courses presenting the highlight dishes of each course respectively, following the stunning plating which the diners will enjoy the beauty and the sensation of flavours side by side.

La Tradizione (Tradition) 4 courses:

– Parmigiana, roasted eggplant, tomato confit, 24 months aged Parmesan, basil

Viaggio Gastronomico (Gastronomic Journey) 6 courses:

– Scampo, langoustine, smoked red bell pepper, bisque glaze, sweet-sour sauce
– Piccione e nocciole, roasted pigeon, hazelnut, anchovies

Viaggio Gastronomico (Gastronomic Journey) 8 courses:

– Ravioli, oxtail ravioli, fermented cabbage cream, fermented wild cabbages
– Manzo, smoked dry aged beef, pizzaiola sauce, béarnaise, osmosis spinach

La Scala is back and ready to serve the best Italian cuisine in Bangkok.

Full course menu
Set lunch menu

About La Scala
La Scala, an award-winning Italian restaurant is highly coveted for classic and progressive Italian cuisine combined with fine Italian and European wines. Its beautiful poolside setting is a bold statement in contemporary décor subtly infused with The Sukhothai’s cultural heritage, and showcases an open kitchen, private room and a bar with a wine cellar. Great care is taken to ensure that the wines present the best choices to match selections, in addition to representing an excellent range of both Italian and other wines from around the world.

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